I-500 System

This preliminary proposal is being posted on this website for all the fans, drivers, crew members, workers, officials, sponsors, etc., to see, as there is no other means to get the word out about this system, as a few I-500 board members don’t want me around.

The System:

I would put in about a dozen camera feeds at different locations (especially turns 3&4) to be run by college students to get credits for their videotography classes. Not a web cam as they have now, all camera’s would have zoom capabilities, which is really needed. The students would also direct and produce it just like the big time. They would get credits from their college and the I-500 gets free help. A win win situation.

That feed could then be feed into their Upstream, so people could watch it across the world. Pay per view if they wanted. Then at the track level, I would install a cable system around the track to distribute the signal. EVERYBODY would have this feed: Race control, ALL race team trailers in the pits, EMS, Timing/scoring, Press box, Announcer, Beer tent, Police/ambulance building, concession stands and on top of it, they could sell it to all the campers up on the hills on the front stretch and turns 1&2.

They would just go get a sponsor to pay for it all, or some of it and get the rest from the campers or Upstream. They could put an ad in the paper to donate your old TV to the race track for monitors. There is a ton of the older analog sets on the market now and they would work just fine. They could even sell Tapes/DVDs of the race. There is ways to get the money and I’m not even worried about that right now, as I need dialog first with the Race Committee.

I believe that Digital Score Board they use, belongs to MIRA and they let them use it. I think Woody’s bought it for MIRA. Why couldn’t they get one or two sponsors to buy the System.

They brag this race up to be the Daytona 500 of Snowmobile Racing. Far from it in my book.

I will say, that the announcer was the best thing in a long time to happen to the race. He talked all day, non stop.

I’m told that the Eagle River has a System like I’m proposing.

On another note, components of  the system could be made portable and possibly leased to MIRA.

I’m not advocating that you stop your Cat 5 venture. I’m advocating that you add this Cable System, because it is much more versatile. Both would be backups to each other.

Taylor’s Communications & Electronics

Attn: Doug Taylor

Hm (616) 784-3200 Cell (616) 784-0000



This system was presented to the I-500 board (even did a demo for the whole board) for the 2012 race and all they let me put in was 2 stationary cameras, that feed only to the beer tent. Alan Kuln (board member) was putting in his own Cat5/wifi system (conflict of interest), which did not work very well at all, so they did not use it for the 2013 race. The racers get screwed again, as this system could have been installed and funded at no cost thru a sponsorship. Because they didn’t think of it, is the only reason that could be why this system is not installed. The drivers have to start complaining to the I-500 Board, better yet to the City Council. The only 2 board members that put a wall up at every moment they could was Ric Federau and Alan Kuln. I sure would like to know what their problems are, as this system is what is needed at the I-500 if they want it to be like Nascar. Jan Bailey was the board member that went to bat for me, as she remembers what I did for the I-500 back in the late 70s early 80s.

If anyone wants to know what my qualifications are, just read my Biography and Achievements in this website. One of my lifetime supporters is Jim Musselman from Woody’s.

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